Medium-sized machine for cutting and marking: high acceleration, high performance and speed.

Product Details

• Processes: cutting, kiss-cutting and marking

• Processable materials: paper, card, leather, faux leather, hide, natural and technical textiles, rubber, wood, plastic, glass, marble, etc.

• Sectors: small items and furnishing accessories (customisation), decoration and marquetry, stamps, display cases, footwear, leather goods,… processing of materials in sheets and rolls

• High quality and accurate cutting

• High productivity

• CCD camera and kit for register cutting with print marker recognition

• High acceleration and performance: up to 4m/s

• Conveyor for processing materials in rolls

• 3D kit for cutting/cutting out and kiss-cutting of materials with surface with 3D rotation

• 360° rotary axis unit for engraving and/or cutting on cylindrical items

• Work area: up to 1000×700 mm (B1)

• ICARO proprietary software

• Industry 4.0 Ready: full digital workflow integration


• Conveyor for processing materials on rolls

• Single rotary attachment

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